To: (填上校方负责学生请假的部门名称)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student with (填上你的班级名称). I am writing to you to ask a temporary leave from XXX high school for one semester from xxx(假期起始日期) to xxx(假期结束日期). The reason is that I just underwent a surgery operation and I need to take time to recovery. I will be resuming my studies with XXX high school in September, 2013.

I am look forward to the permission from yours.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,



英文:The reason is that I just underwent a surgery operation and I need to take time to recovery.








Thetitlemaybewrittenas "applicationform" ;
orthecontentmaybeaddedbefore "applicationform" ;






Attheend,theIdioms "herebyapply" ,"sincerely","salute"andsoon,withthelastsignatureanddate.  


Dear sir / madam:

Hello, my name isxxx, xxx University teacher. I am also very pleased to recommend to you my students xxx, and believe that it can be a good completion of your masters courses in your school.

Ever since he entered the University, he has often shown maturity and stability. Since most of the students in the class are from other provinces and cities, the experience of leaving home for the first time makes it necessary for them to take a long time to adapt to the new environment. But I have noticed that, by contrast,xxxx adjusted quickly and actively involved in the new environment.

There is a big difference between the curriculum of the University and the middle school, and the emphasis is on the ability of self-study. Therefore, in freshman, sophomore, a lot of students have shown varying degrees of adaptation, do not know how to learn the University curriculum. However, xxx students have a strong ability to adapt, quickly find out the key business management courses, in a very short time to master the learning methods, and other teachers said he is very strong ability to accept new knowledge, new knowledge that hell be able to digest, can be understood.

It can be said that some of the students in the class is holding a very good college entrance examination scores into our school, andxxx by virtue of his strong self-learning ability and good learning methods. This, in each semester final exam has been well reflected, especially excellent achievements in professional English in the final exam, the class is a smooth through the 46 English exam students. His passion and determination to learn English is to move me most.

In addition to the study of students in the school xx football players, actively participate in the activities of the school organization, strong organization and leadership. He often comes to my office or give me a call, he met together to discuss the problems in study and life, hope to get better grades in the. xxsaid the students is a good student.

I hope your school can give him a chance, let him in your school rigorous study style and good learning environment to continue to develop his expertise, further improve professional knowledge, broaden their horizons. Look at your school to consider its application.


Dear sir / madam:

I am a student, graduated from BaoYang middle school, Nanning, GuangXi autonomous region, in 2006. I am still studying in high school now, because I was not enrolled by the ideal university last year. Recently, I have a dream to study abroad. Then I search online and find that it is more convenient and suitable for me to go to New Zealand for study.

First, New Zealand is a multicultural country, which has the most advanced education in the world. Second, the tuition is lower than other countries’, which I think is mo

re reasonable for me. Finally, the climate of New Zealand is similar with the climate of the South of China. Considering above reasons, I told my parents my plan on going to New Zealand for study, and my parent agreed with me.

As a girl, I like preschool education since I was young. Nowadays, Chinese parents, who want their children to get better education, pay more attention to preschool education. If I study specialized curriculums on preschool education, I will go back China and work hard on preschool education after leaving college.

My plan is as follows: first, I plan to study English in language institute for about a half year in New Zealand. Then, I will study specialized curriculums on preschool education.

I believe I have the ability of study abroad, because I have finished all high school curriculums. Besides, my parents both have job and have rich income, so they will support me to finish my study. After finishing my study, I will return to my homeland and work on preschool education, so as to realize my life value.